Sustainable Innovation: Witness The Future While It Happens

TW Special Report

When people care about something, they talk about it.

Probably that’s why global conversation about sustainability has been growing more and more each year. With statistics showing that we are, in fact, in a lot of trouble, from a climatic point of view, we dare say it was high time to give sustainability the attention it deserves.

The adoption of sustainable measures by a company is essential, but sadly it’s not enough anymore. It is like a sort of patch on clothes — a nice fix, but still … it shows. What’s necessary now is a radical change at the foundations of our industry and its main components: people and the companies they work in. We, MS Printing Solutions and JK Group, Italy-based manufacturers in digital textile printing, have always been attentive to our industry demands and our planet needs. By combining those two urges the result is sustainable innovation. This solution has been a natural step forward in our history, but we only followed a call that was already written in our DNA and it is now becoming a requirement.

Sustainable innovation is the light that has been guiding us in our projects in the past few years, it is what our new products are permeated with and it is evident in what we are going to show at ITMA.

We come to ITMA with four different projects that show our new identity as a printing partner at 360 degrees and our commitment towards the Earth.

We are nothing without our history, that’s why we are bringing our heritage with us: MiniLario. The unique scanning machine that has revolutionized the market. Still, not even MiniLario — as us — has remained the same. It is our heritage and a look at our future at the same time, since it has undergone a process of deep reengineering that reflects on its new look: a completely new casing that enhances the extensive changes happened on the inside. This renewed MiniLario prints with our DIGISTAR BELLAGIO BIB a reactive formula characterized by its reliability, as well as its high-quality results.

Our inks are protagonists too. ITMA is the stage where we are going to present to the world our latest ink formula: a pigment finally capable of combining the already existing qualities of this formula with new, improved characteristics. Such ink can boast an improved colour gamut, a top-tier level of printability, a process even shorter, agiler and quicker than the traditional formula and an enhanced general fastness, if compared to a pigment without pre and post treatments, since it doesn’t need any pre or post treatment, thus ending up being extremely eco-friendly. This radically innovated and even more sustainable ink has been created ad hoc for one of our renewed machines, so that together they can work efficiently and give great results. In this way, together, they represent a whole, full solution; what we like to call “the future of pigment”. Remember we mentioned being a partner at 360 degrees? Our achievement is being able to give our customers a reliable and efficient system, a printing chain that is easily manageable, since customers can rely on one partner for various stages of the printing process.

We don’t only want to be a 360 degrees partner, but a trustworthy one too. They say “show, don’t’ tell” and this is precisely what are we going to do with our R&D corner. We want our customers and ITMA visitors to be able to step into our factory, into the brain behind our new machines. Our R&D corner will host a fascinating symbiosis of design and experience embodied in a concept made real in the form of a printing machine. The goal is to let customers envision our future, where the machine becomes an interactive space and experience device, emphasizing the vision of our R&D department.

Four years have passed since we introduced a concrete innovation in the digital printing market. It was just a matter of time before we did it again. Last but not least, we are displaying to ITMA the future of single pass machines. A new generation of digital printing machines is coming and it harnesses the performance and reliability of a single pass while taking up the same space of a scanning, a machine up to ten times smaller. Converging the best of both worlds we have the same excellent results but less resources are needed in terms of money, consumptions, stock and people. The culmination of our sustainable innovation efforts. Moreover, such machine ends up having zero waste, since it fulfils on-demand orders from customers. A huge advantage for both customers and the planet.

Matteo Forte, MS Printing Solutions’ Product Marketing manager, stated: “When we approached this project, we immediately thought of the concept of innovating sustainably. That is, a combination of the typical performance of a single pass machine and the sustainable promise we are committed to. In addition, this machine represents a futuristic aesthetic approach that partially anticipates the design that we are working towards.”

We are sure you are curious to see what we have in stock for this ITMA, because if we were you, we would be. To discover and see all our freshness embodied in our machines and inks and all our hard work in action, come to our Demo Sessions and witness the future while it happens.

June 1, 2023